Tree Care During a Drought

Mar 20, 2022

When it comes to tree care during a drought, it is crucial to know what to do to help your plants survive. Watering trees requires that you thoroughly wet the soil under the canopy. However, given the watering restrictions in California, this may not be possible. Instead, water the smaller area of your landscape. This will help you to prevent insects from taking advantage of the drought-stricken tree.

When the ground is dry, trees become sick. A drought often paves the way for sickness. Moreover, a weak tree is more vulnerable to diseases and pests. The best way to keep the tree healthy during a drought is to apply mulch. Apply mulch all around the tree, but make sure that it is spread at least six inches away from the trunk. Otherwise, it can cause the bark of the tree to rot.

Proper tree care during a drought involves applying fertilizer to the soil and watering the trees. Watering the soil is crucial because 90% of the tree's roots are located in the first foot of soil. Using fertilizer that contains salt is also a bad idea. As a result, you may want your Rocklin Tree Service pro to prune your trees to discourage insects. When you're ready to prune, you should do so carefully.

Another important aspect of tree care during a drought is to water the tree regularly. It is essential to make sure that you're not overwatering the tree. Watering a tree too often will cause the surface roots to grow much faster than they need to, causing your trees to suffer further. During a drought, it is crucial to keep your trees watered so they stay healthy and alive.

While watering is an important part of tree service, it's important to remember that trees can sustain more water in a drought. The watering process will be longer and more intensive than normal and your trees won't suffer. In fact, you'll find that the more moisture you add to the soil, the better. And, if you want to conserve water, try collecting rainwater. This way, you'll be able to use it for irrigation.

During a drought, your trees will go into a state of dormancy. They don't require much water during the winter, and they need even less water during a drought. As a result, they may not have enough moisture to survive the drier times. Fortunately, Mother Nature has built-in emergency systems into trees. They are able to survive during dry periods.

While watering your trees during a drought is important for both young and mature trees, they are more susceptible to water than ever to prolonged drought. While they may still be healthy, this damage can lead to their death. When you water trees, you need to ensure that you don't over-water them, which can actually harm their roots. If you don't want your tree to die during a drought, you can plant a mulch around the base of your tree to divert water away from them