Creating a Good Oral Health Routine for Children

Jul 03, 2022

Creating a good oral health routine for your children is as simple as setting an example. When your child is young, brushing his or her teeth is an important part of the day. When your child gets older, he or she will need less supervision. However, it is still important to model good oral hygiene habits and see a pediatric dentist. If your child has an oral health problem, you should address it in a positive way, while being sure to stay calm and reassuring.

Start brushing your child's teeth as soon as they have their own teeth. Then, gradually let them do it by themselves. Until your child is about 6 years old, you should still supervise them when brushing their teeth. Similarly, flossing needs to be done by an adult. But, you can set up a dental routine for your child that will be beneficial for their oral health for life.

Create a reward system for daily brushing and flossing. A reward system can add excitement to dental care and help your child practice good hygiene every day. However, it is easier to implement this method with toddlers than with older children. And as always, avoid sugary snacks and high fructose corn syrup as rewards. But, once your child has mastered the basics, you can introduce a reward system that will help you reinforce their good oral hygiene habits.

You can also try rewarding your child for good dental hygiene by giving them a small reward or toy. But, keep in mind that it will not work with older children. For this, you can offer extra time at bedtime or increase his or her weekly allowance. But remember, rewards aren't the only way to keep your child interested in brushing his or her teeth. Instead, try to involve him or her in the process as much as you can.

One way to motivate your child to brush his or her teeth is by using a reward chart. Use a reward chart similar to a chore chart and reward the child every time he or she brushes their teeth. You can also use gold star stickers. Every time your child brushes his or her teeth for two minutes, he or she gets a sticker on the chart. A good oral health routine will encourage your child to brush their teeth and floss properly every day.

Creating a good oral health routine for children begins early. You can begin caring for their teeth even before they erupt. Brushing their teeth with a soft bristled toothbrush twice a day is a good way to establish a habit. A small amount of toothpaste, equivalent to a grain of rice, should be applied to the gums twice a day. Your child will feel more comfortable and happy when he or she has a dental routine.

In addition to brushing twice daily, your child should floss at least once a day. You can even create a sticker chart for your child, encouraging them to brush their teeth at least three times daily. As your child grows, they'll be more likely to follow your example. So make sure you set an example for your child and include flossing in your family's routine. If you have any concerns or problems with your child's teeth, you should consider scheduling a dental checkup.